How [email protected]’s Rapid Response Services Can Help You

December 11, 2018

Each and every company aims to grow, increase revenue, and become more efficient. Unfortunately, the path to success doesn’t always travel in a straight ascending line as many seem to think. Instead, businesses face a lot of challenges that may require them to downsize and lay off employees from time to time. When it happens in Yavapai County, [email protected] can offer assistance thanks to our Rapid Response services. Here’s how it works:

Helping Employers and Employees

We understand that layoffs are a very unpleasant experience for both employers and employees. If you run a business in Yavapai County and you need to lay people off, contact our office to get some help in this workforce transition process.

We’ll arrange a meeting with your executive and management staff to present our services, which will include:

  • Onsite orientation
  • Resume and interviewing workshops
  • Personal financing/budgeting workshops
  • Job search skills workshops
  • Career and job Fairs
  • Access to open job postings
  • Wage subsidies for job placement

If you wish, we can schedule a meeting with the employees being laid off to offer our relocation services at no cost to you or them. We have fantastic programs to help job seekers of all ages and skill levels to connect with employment opportunities in a variety of industries.

At [email protected], we have a team dedicated to boosting our local economy through workforce development partnerships. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee affected by a layoff, we’re here to help you! Feel free to contact us online or by calling us at (928) 778-1422 to get more information about our Rapid Response services.

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