Looking Back on Yavapai’s Sustainable Job Success in 2018/2019

September 6, 2019


Even though the Great Recession happened more than a decade ago, parts of the United States are still struggling to get back on their feet and keep up with the rapid advance of technology. However, we believe that by partnering with local businesses and giving our citizens the industrial training they need, we can build a brighter future for all the citizens of Yavapai County.

Let’s take a look back on the success of [email protected] in 2018-2019


Working with Companies to Create Better Jobs

Whether it was through on-the-job training, direct job placement, or summer youth employment, we worked with small and large businesses all over the county to create 554 jobs in various industries.

These jobs are estimated to have brought in more than $9 million in real wages for the people of Yavapai County, and we’re forming new partnerships every day to keep that number growing.


Retraining Citizens with New Marketable Skills

Yavapai County has an incredibly talented workforce in many industries, but we understand that the digital nature of our world means that new skills and talents are required to grow our economy.

As part of our [email protected] strategy, we hosted a number of workshops and classes aimed at providing adult basic education and vocational rehabilitation. These classes were a great success, as more than half of our ABE participants increased their marketable skills, and more than 1,000 Yavapai citizens engaged with our advanced vocational training.

In total, almost 9,000 people engaged with our training programs and services this year and we can’t wait to see that number grow in 2020.


Workforce Increase and Wage Increase

Keeping our workforce competitive is one of the primary goals at [email protected], but making sure our citizens have a fair wage to take care of their families is crucial to any advances we make.

Since 2017, Yavapai County’s population has grown by more than 16,000 individuals and our median income has risen from $44,748 to $51,200, showing that our county is a desirable place to be for professionals.

By working together with businesses and citizens, [email protected] was able to create stable growth in the northern Arizona economy and revitalize our economy with a tech-savvy and energetic workforce. Give our staff a call today at 928-778-1422 or visit us online to see what job and training opportunities are available to you.

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