Transcript of Video: Mark Timm, Executive Director of Human Resources at YRMC

July 29, 2020

[email protected] Yavapai County is a great partner in our community. Not only for organizations that are looking for talent, but also for people in the community that are looking for opportunities to grow their skills. At Yavapai Regional Medical Center, we appreciate having a local resource to help develop those skills and talent pool for us, at no cost. They serve every population with job assistance in any industry.

Hi, I’m Mark Timm, Executive Director of Human Resources at Yavapai Regional Medical Center. [email protected] Yavapai County offers innovative workforce solutions, from customized recruitment services, to employee development programs to business support resources. They know Arizona’s companies, job markets and labor force, providing incentives for business attraction, expansion and retention. This insight provides guidance in developing human resource programs, motivating our workers to stay and grow with us.

At Yavapai Regional Medical Center, due to our growth, we have a constant demand for employees in positions ranging from food service, to radiology to registered nurses. Arizona @ Work is a great local resource for qualified applicants.

No matter your business or employment requirements, a team of workforce experts are here to customize local, state and national workforce development resources, that are available to meet your unique business needs.

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