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April 1, 2019

The staff at [email protected] take great pride in providing partnerships through the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG). We are also so glad more local career-seekers and employers are utilizing this positive resource.

The word is spreading about [email protected]! Let’s see what folks have to say, and what they’re sharing with others.

Building Relationships by Building You Up

When you’re looking to make a career move, whether it’s getting started or changing things up, having support is key. [email protected] offers job fairs, workshops, resources and networking. We also provide assistance and guidance to individuals of all ages to help them thrive and reach professional goals.

“The organization is encouraging in a number of ways by offering referrals, job searches, vocational rehabilitation, small business startup, recruitment, and workforces development” according to one community member, Nathan H. He says he’s impressed with NACOG’s housing-based services, which includes providing materials and labor for local homeowners needing repairs or upgrades, especially ones which help increase safety or energy efficiencies.  

Focused on Creating a Financial Balance

One of our main goals is to help people build economic success, through training and partnerships. We also offer personal finance and budgeting workshops, job skills assessments, and on-site orientations.

[email protected]’s is NACOG’s One Stop Center, which is part of a statewide network working to provide Arizona businesses with qualified applicants. “The staff members are professional, eager, and want to help people become financially stable,” said Kimberly B. James W. couldn’t agree more, stating both organizations assist displaced, older workers, and those who don’t have a retirement fund to help monetarily with ever-increasing expenses.
We have the services and programs you need to find, prepare for, and keep the right job for you. Every day, we help people of all ages and skill levels connect with employment opportunities in a variety of industries. Let’s get to work! Get in touch at 928-778-1422 or visit www.yavapaiatwork.com.

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