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[email protected] provides complimentary services to employers across Yavapai County who seek qualified new hires or training resources for existing employees. In an effort to improve job skill levels, these valuable resources are also offered to those seeking serious job opportunities and advancement. Developed by the Local Workforce Development Board, this system is designed to strengthen and fortify the Yavapai County labor force and its employers.

As a local One Stop Center, NACOG is part of a statewide network providing Arizona businesses with qualified applicants. This partnership, in turn, reduces employee selection, retention and training costs. Providing countywide assistance, the [email protected]’s West County One Stop Center in Prescott and the East County One Stop Center is in Cottonwood.

Current Orientations:

  • Every Monday 10am at our Prescott Location (except holidays, then falls on Tuesday)
  • Every Monday at 8:30 am at our Cottonwood Location

Resources and Training

All employers can profit from the services [email protected] provides. With a wide variety of training, workshops, and other forms of specialized assistance, this system offers resources tailored to individual business needs.

Some of the services benefiting employers and employees include:

  • Access to valuable workforce resources – coordinated, accessible and county – specific resources for businesses and employees
  • Employee recruitment – assistance with employee screening and evaluation to optimize the hiring process
  • Employer Layoff Assistance/Pre-Layoff – services to manage and plan for a smooth employee transition and re-employment assistance
  • Skills Assessment – customized assessment tools for identifying skill levels and growth potential
  • Job Fair Opportunities – effective techniques for drawing quality applicants and making a good first impression
  • Customized Training and Skills Upgrading – training programs tailored to individual and company requirements
  • Real time labor data analytics
  • Solutions to Common Employee Barriers – resources and assistance designed to manage obstacles to employment
  • Job Training and Hiring Tax Credits – valuable incentives for hiring targeted employee groups or providing specialized training/services

As businesses grow and identify employees requiring additional job skills, the [email protected] provides access to job specific training to meet company objectives.

[email protected] offers customized recruitment programs, skills assessments and other essential services to match qualified candidates to specific job requirements.


[email protected] also partners basic training in reading, writing and English as a Second Language. These empowering tools enable workers to deliver more valuable service to their employers and ensure that they are ready to succeed in today’s demanding business environment.

To improve staff motivation and productivity, [email protected] also provides instruction in effective time management, job strategies and proper goal setting. All these assets positively impact individuals and employers as a whole.

Removing Barriers to Employment

The [email protected] helps employers remove barriers to employment. Access to adequate childcare, transportation options and housing are all obstacles your employees may face. However, by accessing the resources available through the many workforce development providers, employees can reduce, and often eliminate these concerns.

Employment Alert!

Yavapai County Local Workforce Development Area
The mission of the Yavapai County Local Workforce Development Board is to build economic success through workforce development partnerships.
Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG) through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
Who is eligible?
All Residents of Yavapai County ages 16 years & up: Adults, Dislocated Workers and Income Eligible Youth
What is WIOA?
The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) is federally funded employment and training program that prepares dislocated workers, displaced homemakers, low-income adults and youth for successful entry into the competitive labor force by funding job and/or training placements.
What types of job placements/subsidies are available under WOIA?
On-the-Job Training (OJT)
  • Provides training for new employees in need of skill development
  • Duration of assignment: 3-6 months
  • Wage of OJT is the prevailing wage of the employer for the position
  • NACOG provides up to 50% of the wage subsidy, employer pays 50%
  • After training, employee is retained by the employer
Work Experience (WEX)
  • Provides new employees with basic work skill development. WEX is designed for those individuals who have little or no work history
  • Duration of assignment: 3-6 months
  • Compensation for WEX is minimum wage
  • NACOG provides 100% of the wage subsidy & 100% worker’s compensation
Youth Employment & Training Program
  • Provides temporary work assignments to youth between the ages of 16-24 years old
  • Compensation is minimum wage and up, depending on position
  • All employees must have direct supervision and all supervisors must adhere to the Child Labor Laws, as applicable.
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